Monday, August 20, 2007

Car Accident

Dear Lisa,

My 9 year old brother was in car accident and he is located in a different state and the doctors said that he has swelling of the brain, fluid in his lungs, and his eye is big as a golf ball and black, he is also currently in a coma. I was wondering what you think might go wrong and if there is a chance he might not make it, because if so I want to fly down to get to him as quick as possible.

Thank You!!!!!!!


Dear "NewlyWedJW07",

I am very sorry to hear about your brother's accident. It sounds like his condition is very serious. I suggest that you call the Intensive Care Unit and ask to speak to the Intensivist (a doctor who specializes in Intensive Care Medicine) in charge of his case. The Intensivist will be able to give you information about your brother’s condition, his progress and his prognosis. One important question to ask is, if your brother is in a coma because of his condition, or if the coma was medically induced in order to help him heal.

The Intensivist will be able to tell you when your brother is in the condition to be transferred to another facility. He will also be able to tell you what type of facility that would suit your brother’s needs. If you are an adult and are in a position to make decisions about your brother's health then your presence in the Intensive Care Unit, at his side, would benefit him during this difficult time. Decisions regarding your brother's treatment and care need to be discussed with the responsible adult. These types of discussions are typically best done in person because of the complexity of the situation.

I wish you and your family Godspeed and hope your brother’s situation improves.

Lisa-ann Kelly R.N., P.N.P.,C.
Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

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